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Travel to eternity past on a journey through God’s amazing Gospel

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NOTE ... The Kindle edition is an EXACT replica of the paperback edition. You can read the eBook on your computer, tablet and smartphone. Due to the print replica format, the book isn’t available for Kindle e-readers.

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A Heavenly Conversation In Eternity Past envisions God’s amazing plan of redemption from the vantage point of a divine conversation in heaven.


This book reflects the creative imagination of author Jennifer Lynn Heck—taking you on a journey to the Christmas manger, the Easter cross and resurrection, and Jesus Christ’s victorious second coming. Jennifer’s story is based on the Bible and communicates basic doctrines that are vitally important to the Christian faith.


She is a spiritual giant to me. Jennifer has been tested by a lifetime of disability and limitations. Yet she has a joyous, Christ-like spirit that I greatly admire. Jennifer’s experience has enabled her to see God’s Word through a different lens than most. 

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Book Reviews

Ever since Jennifer Lynn Heck published her first book in 2019, A Heavenly Conversation One Night Before Christmas, people commented that the book’s message is too evangelistic to restrict only to the Christmas season. 
So, in February 2024, Jennifer published A Heavenly Conversation In Eternity Past. It has a different cover, new opening and closing graphic pages, and minor text tweaks. Since the book is essentially the same as the original edition, please read the 80 reviews on that book.

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