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Announcing: New eBook and redesigned paperback book released in January 2021

From a human standpoint, the following is impossible to accomplish within one month: (1) Decided to independently publish my book using the services of Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. (2) Redesigned the book’s cover and pages. (3) Celebrated the third edition paperback of “A Heavenly Conversation One Night Before Christmas” becoming available for sale on January 1 AND first eBook on January 12. (4) Created a video announcing my new book. Please join me in thanking Lord God for doing all these amazing things!


January 27, 2021


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God’s sovereign response to people choosing to live in falsehood

God is very willing to forgive the wayward sins of all people—no matter how horrendous their iniquities. He is full of love and compassion. However, Lord God is also holy and just; he cannot fellowship with evil and sin. Creator God hides his face from people who choose to live in falsehood. He withdraws his compassionate care, provision and protection. If they won’t repent, God will no longer even mention their names from his lips.


June 9, 2020


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Attention: Use the WAR Strategy to defeat Satan and falsehood

“Christians who are not filling their minds with Scripture are like warriors going out to battle without helmets,” said Chip Ingram. “The sword of the Spirit is taking God’s Word and quoting it literally to evil forces, in the authority of Christ. It is a sword that has the power to cut them and their lies at their knees.”


June 8, 2020


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Warning: Look closely at words and actions of cults

Not all false teaching leads to the formation of cults. However, we need to know warning signs of this insidious invasion. “One expert on cults who grew up in a cultic group once expressed this problem to me in these terms,” stated Dr. David Reagan, founder of Lamb & Lion Ministries, “Christians convert pagans. Cults convert Christians.”


June 7, 2020


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Alert: Detect the masks, messages and motives of false teachers

There is an immediate way of identifying false teachers. Simply listen to their message. They spread strange teachings on Jesus Christ, law vs. grace, salvation, and the relationship between an individual’s spirit, soul and body. All result from Bible verses taken out of context and/or self-serving interpretations of passages.


June 6, 2020



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All the articles have not yet been uploaded. 

I invite you to check my website to read added blogs.

Hello Friends

Jennifer Lynn Heck is a Christian author from Louisville, KY who was born with cerebral palsy. She has written many blogs and articles in The Southeast Outlook for spiritual encouragement and disability ministry.

Jennifer Lynn Heck Blogs Articles Spiritual Encouragement Disability Ministry

Welcome to the blog section of my website! Imagine you are entering a garden. You may prefer a flower, fruit or vegetable garden. There are seven different footpaths you can take to explore the delightful garden. These blog categories lead you on separate paths, from which you can select articles to nourish, encourage and challenge.


Before starting your journey, I want to share how this intriguing garden was designed and planted.

For quite a few years, friends and colleagues encouraged me to blog. The demands of life kept me from pursuing that endeavor. With the publishing of my first book in 2019, the seeds of encouragement to blog started taking root.


In 2020 the blog seeds began pushing up through the soil of opportunity. I published the second edition of my book, A Heavenly Conversation One Night Before Christmas. It seemed like a wonderful time to piggyback on the book’s website by combining it with various articles I’ve written, which are now part of my blog collection.

Blog Section #1: Articles Published in The Southeast Outlook


Bob Russell, retired senior pastor of Southeast Christian Church, had a vision for the church to start a Christian newspaper. 

Bob’s dream became a reality in 1995, when the first edition of The Southeast Outlook was published. As of 2020, the weekly newspaper has a circulation of 75,000. It is delivered throughout Kentucky and across the United States.


Shortly after the start of The Southeast Outlook, the newspaper’s first editor-in-chief asked me to serve as a volunteer writer. Over the next 10 years, I wrote more than 120 articles—including news, features, commentaries and two columns.


From 1995 to 1999, I wrote a column titled “God-Given Abilities, Not Disabilities.” From 2000 to 2005, my focus shifted to sharing a variety of biblical topics. This column was titled “Joyfully Live the Bible.” 


People continue to remark that my articles were meaningful and challenging to them. This is why I decided to post select articles on my website. For easy reference, they are grouped in five categories. You can click on the categories and select articles that interest you. 


May Lord God breathe new life into these articles, so that the new blogs can refresh and encourage you along your own faith journey!


Blog Section #2: Modern Epistle


From 2000 to 2002, I experienced several years inside a fiery furnace. It was through the intense pain and victorious healing that I developed a new passion. I felt compelled to come alongside other wounded travelers, warning them of dangerous traps and leading them through the stages of healing.


Due to the scope of my traumatic journey, I needed a unique way to present the story, so that people could connect with it in their own lives. Through months of prayer and listening to Lord God, the Holy Spirit gave me the idea to share my journey in the form of an epistle.


Simply stated, an epistle is a letter written to a person or group of people. The epistle’s author has a specific purpose for writing the letter. This purpose may include comforting, encouraging, challenging, instructing and/or warning.


I finished writing my epistle in 2003. Actually, it became a series of letters. I decided to now share each letter as a blog on my website.


If you are familiar with the epistles in the Bible’s New Testament, you will see similarities in format and themes. In no way do I believe that my epistle is divinely inspired like those in the Bible. I do know, after more than 40 years of walking with God, that it was definitely his Holy Spirit guiding me throughout the entire writing journey. 


In my own human abilities, I honestly acknowledge I have no capacity to write this series of life-transforming letters—or any article or book. I am a servant of Almighty God, attempting to follow him wholeheartedly. My heart’s desire is to use what God graciously gives me to glorify him and encourage people.


Joyfully in Jesus,


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