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Jennifer's 2024 Book

Jennifer Lynn Heck's 2024 book, Walking Victoriously Through a Fiery Furnace.

There are times in life when we are led down a path of dark and fiery trials. The intensity of suffering leaves us vulnerable and confused in the cyclone of chaos. Whenever this happens, we become prime targets for deception.

Author Jennifer Lynn Heck knows firsthand—because she was deceived. In the book, Walking Victoriously Through a Fiery Furnace, she openly shares her traumatic journey. Jennifer was coldheartedly betrayed, conned and used by a false Christian teacher.

Although she knew the Bible well, circumstances left Jennifer vulnerable. That is when Satan’s trap snapped! She found herself entangled in a web of deception, expertly disguised as a deeper understanding of the Christian faith. Through a 2-year journey of excruciating pain and victorious healing, God gave her a passion to sound the alarm against falsehood AND share with you a road map through stages of healing. 

Have you experienced suffering or trauma that wounded you to the core of your being? Discover how to walk victoriously through intense trials and heal your wounded soul. Lord God has the victorious ability to transform your fiery furnaces into beacons, from which his glorious light of truth and wonderful healing shatters Satan’s darkness.

The book Walking Victoriously Through a Fiery Furnace offers comfort, hope and encouragement. You will also gain wisdom and knowledge that you can apply to your daily life.

  • Stages in healing your wounded soul

  • Areas where you are vulnerable

  • Sources of false spiritual direction

  • Traits of false teaching and false teachers

  • Satan’s evil presence and deceptive tactics

  • Using the WAR strategy to defeat Satan’s attacks

  • Sovereign God’s response to people living in falsehood


This book is written as a story of Victoria Grace and designed with full-color pages. Bible passages are creatively interwoven into the true story. In the book’s appendix, there are nine pages of Bible verses on falsehood, spiritual healing, God’s identity and more. It is an excellent resource for your personal or group Bible study.

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Jennifer's 2021 Book

Jennifer Lynn Heck's bestselling 2021 book, A Heavenly Conversation One Night Before Christmas.

More Than a Christmas Book! ... How did one night before Christmas lead to the morning of the first Easter and beyond? Travel back into eternity past. Listen as God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit have a conversation about giving the greatest gift to all people.


This unique book is firmly based on the Bible and includes beautiful, color illustrations that lead you through the complete Gospel story. The timeless message of A Heavenly Conversation One Night Before Christmas is thought provoking and heart stirring.


It is written for people of many ages and faith stages—from adults to older children and seekers to seasoned Christians. It is ideal for families and small groups, because the book’s Bible passages are listed in the appendix to study. This book also makes a meaningful gift.


Author Jennifer Lynn Heck skillfully weaves her story with passages from the Bible. The combination creates a memorable journey, discovering the grace-filled heart of God and his plan for rescuing people in every generation.


Come along, now... Experience a wonder-filled journey from God’s heavenly throne to the creation of the universe; fall of Satan and angels; Garden of Eden; birth, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ; arrival of the Holy Spirit; and Christ’s victorious second coming to sovereignly reign as King of kings and Lord of lords!

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