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Letter From God to You

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Giving you a personalized letter from Lord God

In one way or another, all people around the world are experiencing the impact of spreading uncertainty, unrest and anxiety. The human race is in desperate need of healing, unity, truth, love, peace, encouragement and hope. That's why I decided now is the time for me to share this blog and gift with you. Although the Bible is indeed God's love letter to humanity, something very special happens when you see your individual name woven into God's message for you.

Bible Verses for Your Study

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What does the Bible say about falsehood and healing a wounded soul?

After experiencing five months entangled by false teaching in 2000, I devoted a year of my life to reading the entire Bible—again. This time I specifically noted passages pertaining to what God’s Word says about falsehood and healing a wounded soul. As my gift to you, I placed many pages of Bible verses on my website that you can download, print and use in your personal study.

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