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Author Jennifer Lynn Heck has written a powerful story from a real-life experience. In her book, Walking Victoriously Through a Fiery Furnace, she brings the characters to life on each page. You won’t want to put this book down, until you read how the story unfolds. 

Jennifer concludes the book with lessons Victoria Grace learned, as she walked through a fiery furnace of betrayal and false teaching. She also shares how you can practically overcome any painful trial—through a relationship with Jesus Christ.


As you follow along this journey, you will discover how to heal from suffering and broken relationships in your own life. 

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Book Endorsements: 7

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LINDA CHILDRESS; New Albany, Indiana

Walking Victoriously Through a Fiery Furnace


Jennifer Lynn Heck is a talented and gifted writer. Her words build pictures in my mind. This book tells the captivating story of Victoria Grace. I had to force myself to set it aside, rather than read it all in one day. It was partly because I relate to being betrayed and having a close encounter with a false teacher/prophet.

In this multifaceted book, Jennifer vividly shares Victoria’s hurt, disappointment and pain and also challenges readers to consider our source of value and worth. Jennifer sets a firm foundation for trusting Father God, in spite of our desires and circumstances.

We are all vulnerable and need to be on guard, taking every thought captive and holding it up to the light of God’s Word. Scripture warns us that Satan and his servants masquerade as angels of light—not in the world (they don’t need to be in disguise in the world), but inside the church! They look and sound righteous, but they are not. 

Walking Victoriously Through a Fiery Furnace is a timely book written to an unprepared, immature body of Christ—the church. 

January 2023

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