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Amazon Best Seller Book by Jennifer Lynn Heck

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Book Endorsements: 4

Bob Russell


Author and Retired Senior Pastor

Southeast Christian Church

Louisville, Kentuck

A Heavenly Conversation One Night Before Christmas by Jennifer Lynn Heck envisions God’s amazing plan of redemption from the vantage point of a divine conversation in heaven. This book reflects her creative imagination—taking you on a journey to the Christmas manger, the Easter cross and resurrection, and Jesus Christ’s victorious second coming. Jennifer’s story is based on the Bible and communicates basic doctrines that are vitally important to the Christian faith. 

Jennifer is a spiritual giant to me. She has been tested by a lifetime of disability and limitations; yet she has a joyous, Christ-like spirit that I greatly admire. Jennifer’s experience has enabled her to see God’s Word through a different lens than most.   

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Book Reviews: 75

STEVE COOMES; Louisville, Kentucky

A Heavenly Conversation One Night Before Christmas


The book’s core message of what God in three persons did for us is crystal clear and well articulated. Jennifer’s choice to make that clear in a conversation between the divine trinity is a clever tool well wrought. The graphic design is easy on the eyes and befitting of the book’s tone.

June 1, 2019