Faith Journey

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Are you a closed fist or an open hand ready to be used by God?

Lord God created our hands to serve a variety of purposes. Although he has given us the ability to make fists, little good is accomplished if we always keep our hands in this closed position. In the same way, everyone suffers if we keep our lives tightly closed off from the transforming power of our Creator.

April 5, 2001

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God, you’re saying you want ME to do WHAT?

On some levels, I am scared of the unknown that awaits me. Sometimes, I struggle with human fears. However, they don’t even come close to my reverent fear of the Lord. It’s really quite simple: I would rather face my momentary earthly fears now, than face the Lord in heaven and try to ashamedly explain why I didn’t step out in faith to follow him when he called me.

November 1, 1996

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God always has higher purposes for my suffering

From a human perspective, it sure doesn’t feel like God is sovereign. Rather, it appears that Satan is in charge creating havoc everywhere. We must remember, though, basing our perspective on feelings is like riding a never-ending roller coaster. Emotions and appearances can be very deceiving.

March 15, 2020

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Are you traveling the broad road or narrow path?

Often, those who choose the narrow path will experience unforeseen delays and barriers along our journey. Encountering crossroads and detours leaves travelers questioning whether we are still on the right path. Sometimes, we have no other option than to walk through intense fiery furnaces before reaching our appointed destination—the Promised Land.

March 20, 2008

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Who is this God who can transform my crises and heal my wounded soul?

Let’s get to know the only person in the entire universe who is all-knowing, all-powerful, present everywhere and who can care for every person’s wounded soul at the same time. God has chosen to reveal himself in many ways so that people from every culture and socioeconomic background, throughout all generations, may know and interact with him.

March 16, 2020

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The Good Shepherd cares for his sheep in valleys of despair

Far too often in the midst of our suffering, we underestimate the power of God to transform our circumstances into his glorious kingdom purposes. We also tend to minimize his gentle care for us.

March 14, 2020